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Now more than ever it is important to show great morality when deciphering the true messages we are asked to portray. You have to consider the implications of what you are creating and weigh the harm it could do if put in the public eye.

Considering the Ethics of Graphic Design

September 24, 2021

You think you’re doing well and maybe you are so far–but these common mistakes could be the tipping point between making it or breaking it. How many of these are you doing?

Are You Making These Client Mistakes?

August 16, 2021

It’s time to stop guessing whether or not someone is right for your business! Stop the endless cycle of getting to know new clients, only to realize you two aren’t a match halfway through the project. Add these questions to your client discovery process and get to the bottom of whether you should be swiping left or right!

Must-Ask Questions to Meet Your Client Match

July 11, 2021

Recently a design grad approached me with a really great question, “Should I build my brand under my own name or come up with a business brand name?”. Even though it’s a great question, there’s no short answer, so let’s talk about it!

Should I use my own name for my personal brand?

April 1, 2021

Who will hire you with no previous work experience and no real projects to show? Don’t wait for opportunities to knock, build the door! Let’s show you how.

How To Score Contracts & Build A Portfolio When You’re Starting Out

March 31, 2021

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