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You’ve built up the courage to take the freelance plunge. Before you call it quits here are steps to help you succeed.

Navigating the Corporate to Freelance Switch Up

December 21, 2020

Narrow the brand problem, nail the design–the first time!

3 Strategies How To Get Your Designs Approved on Version 1

November 11, 2020
Brand Photoshoot Wardrobe

Don’t let the wrong outfit ruin your brand mojo! Tie your brand together with the right mix of style to highlight your unique services and attributes.

Secrets To Planning Your Personal Brand Photoshoot Wardrobe

October 5, 2020

You feel ready to roll; Time to start getting clients! Who are you going to offer your services to, anyone who happens to find your website? Wrong! Let’s rewind a couple steps to talk about your niche.

Building a Niche – Stand Out and Establish Credibility in Your Space

October 2, 2020

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