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How to package your services that clients can’t resist

When a potential client has a package menu to choose from, they’re less inclined to compare your service directly to others and instead look at what the overall offer is, which can help you stand out from the competition!

As a great guide for your general services, there are a few different ways you can package your services together to create irresistible offers for your clients that make the most sense for you as a freelancer.

Package by Service or Client Type

These are the simplest ways to define a package. Certain services make the most sense and provide a high value for your clients when put together. Certain services need to be adapted to fit the needs of corporate clients in a way that wouldn’t make sense for smaller businesses. Once you’ve broken them down, you can look at how to add the most possible value to each package for related services or client types.

Start by taking a look at similar packages available in your niche and determine what you offer that they don’t and vice versa. Figure out which of these services would do well already incorporated into the package and which make more sense to be additional add-ons your clients can choose to tack onto an existing package.

Complete Branding Packages vs a Single Logo

Some clients will come to you with their branding already in place: they’ll have their colours, accents, fonts, and overall brand look already in place. They will just need you to take those elements and build them an excellent logo. You can create a logo package by predetermining the number of revisions and versions of the logo each package comes with.

Custom Website vs Template Customization

A custom website offering makes for great packages you can determine how many pages, integrations, support, and how much of the content you will optimize for the site. You can also create industry-based packages, like photographers or wedding sites.

Template packages can be sorted into similar categories but instead of building it all out yourself, you create something for your client to essentially finalize themselves. Colours, logos, and the “frame” of the site are created but it is up to them to use the template as they see fit.

Essentially website packages would be a great starting point, as most clients will need a more customized approach for their business needs. Ensure you include a disclaimer in your packages that state these are the base rates for this type of package, and a final price will depend on the website features and any other particulars after your discovery consultation.

Social Media Packages

Social media naturally lends itself to packages well because there are so many different elements! Visuals, copy, hashtags, community management, competitor analysis, scheduling, and more! Break it up as you see fit after analyzing what others are offering to set yourself a baseline for what should be the bare minimum.

If you’ve been wanting to stop offering one-off services and focus more on building higher-value packages then now is the time! If you use the above as your guide and do some research on other freelancers in your niche you can tailor your offerings to add the most value possible!

Custom Quotes vs. Set Packages

Custom quotes however, on the contrary will be better for a more catered approach other than “off the shelf” services. When you take the time to write a custom quote that includes things like Process Policies, Terms & Conditions, along with a sign-off field, potential clients can see this as a more serious approach and can lead to a more solid close. When they get an official looking document to sign, it signals that you mean business.

A great way to level up your business and show a professional approach, is to use an estimate and invoicing system. One that I love is FreshBooks, as it is so easy to use and has time-saving admin tools every business owner needs. I’ll send a client a proposal estimate, and they can approve with the click of a button!

So maybe look for these clients too, who want to hire you for your great work, and who want to know most of all how you will approach their project, and for whom your price packages are not the primary reason. You can hopefully cultivate “off the shelf” clients but also keep looking for the ones who want you to treat their work as highly customized.

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May 30, 2022


Add value for your clients with tiered service packages that provide an irresistible offer. Some clients are not always aware of the all the deliverables of a design.

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