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Top 5 Online Project Management Tools for Freelance Designers

You’ve got multiple clients on the go and each of their projects are at a different stage. The idea of possibly letting something slip through the cracks keeps you up at night. It’s chaos…but does it have to be? It sounds like it’s time for you to choose a project management tool.

Not all project management tools are created the same. There may be overlapping features but picking one is not as simple as drawing a name out of a hat and rolling with it. Do your research on which project managemet tool is right for you to avoid running the risk of having to start from scratch when you get set up, only to realize it is missing a key feature you need! Check out these 5 tools, designed to manage your time and streamline your projects for less stress -and in turn, better sleep.


Asana is a great tool to keep track of your projects. Each project can have a board of its own, with detailed tasks, subtasks, and room to leave comments under each, including attaching files and images. The boards and checklists make it easy to break down daily and upcoming tasks. It offers a variety of integrations, and it is great for prioritization. There is a free plan available, without significant limitations to it. Some cons to Asana include the fact that you can only assign one person per task, there are limited export options, and no time-tracking (though you can integrate Asana with a few different time-tracking apps).


Trello is a highly visual project management tool, it operates as a sort of digital post-it note system. Track multiple projects by creating a new board for each. You can easily invite outside individuals to view and edit the board they have access to and you can assign multiple people to a task. Communication inside Trello is limited and so are the available integrations. For those will complex, long-term projects, the card system used by the boards may be too simple. There is no in-app time-tracking but you can integrate with various time-tracking apps.

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Basecamp is a very well-rounded program: create projects, delegate tasks, attach files, monitor progress, check deadlines, and automatically update your team on the status of to-do lists. It is especially good for client-specific projects. Basecamp is very easy to use and offers plenty of integration. The downside to its simplicity is that the customization options like tags, labels, chat management, are limited. It does not have time-tracking, however, there is the option to integrate time-tracking, invoicing, and even HR.


HoneyBook offers quite a few project management features, such as workflow management and reminder emails, task reminders for clients and leads, and automation. It’s user-friendly, with very little learning curve. It offers all-in-one billing right in the app with online payments, invoicing, and time-tracking. While there are some integrations available, HoneyBooks doesn’t offer very many. If you’re looking for in-depth collaboration, it may not be the program for you since these features are limited.


FreshBooks has a very user-friendly interface, with almost no learning curve. You can invite individuals to collaborate, making it easy to get client feedback and ideas on projects. It includes time-tracking and billing and there is a very wide variety of integrations available. If you want detailed tax reports, you may find their options limited. The analytics and reporting features could use a bit of fine-tuning as well.

As you can see, many of these have overlapping features but each has distinct features that may set one apart from the rest as “the one.” Once you pick the right project management tool for your business, you’ll see improvements throughout all of your processes. Say goodbye to feeling lost in the chaos of juggling multiple projects at once.

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Nov 4, 2020


You’ll see improvements throughout all of your processes. Say goodbye to feeling lost in the chaos of juggling multiple projects at once

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