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Secrets To Planning Your Personal Brand Photoshoot Wardrobe

Choosing your outfit for your photography session can make a big impact on the way the photos turn out.

You’ve booked your photographer, and the location is set… but now you are staring down your wardrobe, wondering what to wear. How do you reflect your personality and your brand? How can you tell what will photograph well?


Step away from your closet for a moment. Start by building a mood board for your shoot; get the overall vibe out of your head and onto something where you can see it all once. Include your brand colours, pictures of the location, outfits that call to you, and anything else that illustrates what you want to the shoot to convey.

First time making a mood board? Find some inspiration here:


Now that you have an idea of what you want the shoot to look like, it is time to start picking outfits (yes, you should have more than one!). You want to make sure to select clothing that will be comfortable and attractive at the same time. The goal is to wear clothes that make you appear confident and emphasize your expression instead of the clothing.

Brand Photoshoot Wardrobe

When picking your photoshoot wardrobe, lean towards solid colours. Bold, bright prints are eye catching and fun but tend to steal the show. Small prints, especially pinstripes, may look good in person but once photographed they cause a blurred effect in pictures. Remember to incorporate your brand colours into your outfit where you can!


You’ve left all your print pieces on their hangers, great! You aren’t done narrowing down your options quite yet, however. The type of fabric you wear matters too. Pick a fabric that hangs well, like rayon or jersey and leave anything that wrinkles the second you sit down at home.

Looking for some great wardrobe cues? Check out my brand photoshoot board:

When selecting a fit, pick something fitted but not skin-tight, remember you want to be comfortable! Avoid the opposite as well; outfits that are too baggy may not translate well on camera. Leave your t-shirt dress at home, sorry! As you eliminate wardrobe options, opt for timeless pieces. Fashion trends change quickly and though it’s okay to get swept up in an up-to-the-minute trend from time to time, once it inevitably fades away, you will be stuck with the pictures long after the clothes have been donated! This rule applies to accessories as well, choose some simple classics that accentuate your overall look. Keep jewellery to a minimum, not only does it tend to go out of style quickly, bold pieces will draw the attention away from you as patterns do. It also can create flashy glares in your pictures when the light reflects off of them.


Thanks to these wardrobe tips and tricks, you are going to effortlessly rock your photoshoots every time! Gone are the days of what to wear despair. Need a little more help with your brand image? Have some burning questions like, “How do I even pick a brand colours?!” Book a one-on-one coaching session!

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Oct 5, 2020


Don’t let the wrong outfit ruin your brand mojo! Tie your brand together with the right mix of style to highlight your unique services and attributes.

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