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6 Must-Do’s every Creative Needs to Kick off the New Year

As we wrap up 2022, there are a few important to-dos you should be checking off your list to kick off 2023 with success on your horizon! 

Set Quarterly Goals

When setting goals for each quarter (ie. Jan-Mar), you can approach them two ways: either set each quarterly goal as their own achievement or use them as a way to break down steps to reaching a larger goal for the year. Regardless of how you would like to “use” your goals, they should always be SMART:

  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Achievable
  4. Relevant
  5. Time-Bound

For example, here are some areas every business (no matter if you are a one-person shop or large company) should be setting goals for:

  • Sales Growth
  • Leads
  • Digital Marketing ROI
  • Quoted To Closed Client Ratio
  • Website Traffic & Search Rankings
  • Social Media Reach & Engagement
  • Email Marketing Performance
  • Blog Post Visits

Refine Your Workflow

If you not only want to survive but thrive too, this will constantly be changing. As your business evolves, you are inevitably going to outgrow your processes, so it’s important to keep them up to date! Start with strategies like scheduling blocking, and management tools like Click-Up, Asana or Trello to keep your workflow on track.

Revise Your Subscriptions

As your business grows, some subscriptions may not be as useful to you as they were before, but don’t just stop using them, make sure you stop paying for them!  Unused subscriptions can really eat into your bottom line so be sure to evaluate whether or not they’re still serving you well. Kick off the year with smarter expense management and you’ll be thanking yourself for years to come!

Hire a Business Coach

If you find yourself feeling like there are improvements to be made to your business but are unsure of where to start, hire a business coach! It can help to have a fresh, outside-objective perspective on your operations. With your goals in mind, they can help you fine-tune your strategies, offerings, and workflow to suit your needs.

Optimize Your Offerings

It’s important to reevaluate your offerings to not only ensure you’re properly aligned with what your clients needs, but also to make sure you are making the most of your time and making what you’re worth. Do you have single services that don’t get much attention? Add them to a package and adjust the price accordingly! Stay up to date on what other people in your field are offering to stay competitive. This way you can determine if you’re getting paid your worth.

A great way to level up your business and show a professional approach, is to use an estimate and invoicing system. One that I love is FreshBooks, as it is so easy to use and has time-saving admin tools every business owner needs. I’ll send a client a proposal estimate, and they can approve with the click of a button!

Refresh Your Marketing Strategy

Start by taking stock of what your channels are, what your collateral is, how often you’re using them, and whether or not they’re still relevant to you. If you’re making changes to your services, are offering a new opt-in or course, or any other major moves, make a plan around it! What are your goals for this new thing? How are you going to spread the word? How many posts on social media will you make about it? Write it down, and follow through.

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Dec 22, 2022


As we wrap up 2022, there are a few important to-dos you should be checking off your list to kick off 2023 with success on your horizon! 

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