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How to Spot a Nightmare Client!

How to Spot a Nightmare Client in the Dark!

Not every client is worthy of your time or services, so learning how to spot one before they suck the blood right out of you will help save your sanity in the long run. ⁠

👻 So let’s look at some early warning signs of a “nightmare client”.⁠

☠️ Asking you to complete the project in an unreasonable timeframe. Of course most clients want to start a project ASAP but if they are wanting everything completed within an unreasonable amount of time, they don’t respect your process and you don’t want to push your boundaries trying to rush quality work.⁠

☠️ Repeatedly requesting “Can I get this cheaper/free?”: When a potential client isn’t willing to invest in the level of professional services it takes to truly make their goals succeed, then they likely will continue to cut corners, resulting in haphazard work.⁠

👻 They continually “ghost” you: When they are taking days/weeks to respond, this will likely continue to become a bad habit and if communication isn’t strong, expect the project to go on for months which may never reach a satisfactory point or will never finish.⁠

☠️ Changes scope constantly, and asks for extra “little changes”. They say oh this is just a simple little thing, should be quick. When a client uses these terms it means they don’t fully understand the scope of work that goes into a project, therefore will not respect your time or prices when it comes to asking for extra “little changes”.⁠

☠️ Communicating with you in a rude or aggressive manner. Most clients aren’t monsters. But every once in a while, a client can come across in a stone cold way. Never let a client get away with treating you with disrespect. Don’t be afraid to (respectfully) fire them before you even begin!⁠

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Oct 17, 2021


How to Spot One in the Dark! As a new freelancer you’re eager to accept every project that comes your way however, there comes a time when that ☠️ nightmare client creeps themselves into your business and kills every ounce of creativity and motivation.

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